Before deciding on a company for e-commerce website development, it is important to consider your business needs first. What type of products you want to sell online? Products focused or service focused? Do you have B2B eCommerce requirements?

Next, you will need to decide on your budget. Remember the “Good Fast Cheap” principle. Even the best e-commerce website development company in Singapore will only be able to deliver on 2 of these aspects in one project, so decide on your priorities.

Driving revenue and accelerating growth are at the heart of eCommerce. Hence, conversion-driven website design should be key. Web design aesthetics may vary but the company’s ability to build websites that engage and convert visitors is a must.

Portfolio and reputation matters. Look at their previous works, testimonials, reviews, and accreditation. You want a reliable eCommerce web development company that not only have the skills to solve your business needs, but also provide valuable advice, throughout the project

Set up a meeting and get a vibe of their company culture and expertise, it should be in line with your working style. You are not buying a physical product; you are going into a web design and development project.