html-vs-css for web development

Hey Guys! On our previous blog, we shared about the basics of HTML and CSS guide. I am sure some of you, beginners especially, might be confused between this 2 as they seem to be similar. Therefore, we are here to share with you the differences between HTML and CSS (and similarities).

As you all know, HTML and CSS are the core languages for building a website and web-based applications.



Full-form: Hyper Text Markup Language

Dictates: Content and structure of web pages

Uses <> tags


Full-form: Cascading Style Sheet

Modifies: Design and display of HTML elements

Uses selector and declaration

Can be use as a standalone file document OR in an inline and internal in the HTML file.

What is it for?

Structure the layout

Design colors and fonts


Uses <> tags

Cannot be use in CSS style sheet

CSS can be applied inline and internally in a HTML file. Refer here for inline and internal CSS in a HTML file.

Uses selector and declaration

Can be used in HTML file

Easier site maintenance: Styles can be changed without having to edit any HTML elements in the HTML file


Consist of tags surrounding contents

<tag> content </tag>

h3 html for web development

Consist of selector followed by declaration. A selector is either a class or an HTML element. A declaration consist of property and value.

selector {property: value}

h3 css coding for web development

As shown in the text above, h3 is the selector. Color: white and font-size: 60px is the declaration.

Color and font-size is the property, white and 60px is the value.


We have come to the end of our article today. We hope we helped you in understanding better the difference between HTML and CSS. If you’re still confused, you could take a look at this article from Tech Difference. Stay tuned to our next blog post!