Ensuring user’s accessibility through the website is smooth while users browse through on their wide range of services and projects.

What We Did

Designing & Developing of the website to ensure good User-Experience for end users.

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CME has been at the forefront of providing mast climbing access equipment, being an active pioneer in this industry since 1990.
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Mobile Friendly

Having a Mobile-Friendly website layout will allow a smartphone user who visits CME Industries website, be able to view a miniaturized version of the desktop website with a smooth user-experience. Having good user-experience also means to have easy to read text that has proper text-formatting & readable fonts, so that the user can search for information that they want efficiently.
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Tablet Friendly

Having a Tablet-Friendly website for CME Industries takes personal interaction a step further. To some users, it is more convenient to use a tablet rather than a laptop as it is much less bulky. A tablet-friendly website also has large touch targets that allow visitors to navigate with confidence.
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The mast climbing work-platform is a combination of scaffold, material hoist and building cradle, providing safe and efficient access to the building surface. It transports workers and materials to precisely the height required; loads of up to 3.5 tonnes can be carried up to a height of 200 meters. Height and length can be adjusted quickly and conveniently. The work-platform can be used in a single mast configuration with platform length from 2.7m to 10.1m or in a twin configuration with platform length from 8.2m to 23.2m. The masts are anchored at 6 – 8m intervals. With the MSHF unit, a freestanding height of up to 20m can be achieved when mounted on a chassis.
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