Design a website that could showcase the products and able to sort by different categories

What We Did

Create a brand new look for L2S for their e-commerce website to fit their requirements and considerations.


L2S was founded & run by Dr. LeeSan Leong, a medical GP with more than 35 years experience.

Mobile Friendly

Having a Mobile-Friendly website layout will allow a smartphone user who visits L2S SPORTS & HEALTH MARKETING website, be able to view a miniaturized version of the desktop website with a smooth user-experience. Having good user-experience also means to have easy to read text that has proper text-formatting & readable fonts, so that the user can search for information that they want efficiently.

Tablet Friendly

Having a Tablet-Friendly website for L2S SPORTS & HEALTH MARKETING takes personal interaction a step further. To some users, it is more convenient to use a tablet rather than a laptop as it is much less bulky. A tablet-friendly website also has large touch targets that allow visitors to navigate with confidence.
L2S mission is in helping to make life worth living by providing simple cost effective products to eliminate pain & unnecessary suffering in sports & daily living. Thus, if you have a painful condition, please visit L2S for solution.