To help MONTRES reach out to potential customers who wants to buy a premium watch.

What We Did

We’ve designed the website to showcase the collections with a clean layout & ensured that the information are crystal-clear.

montres resposive web design

Brand Identity

MONTRES primary goal is to create a trusted source to buy & sell watches, they hope to achieve its aim of being at the forefront of meeting the trust, ever-growing sophistication & demands of watch enthusiasts & aficionados. Therefore, we’ve designed the website to align with their brand & it will be a website that would serve their brand for the years to come.

Interaction Design

We’ve crafted a very targeted website experience for the specific customers MONTRES wants to attract. We’ve put ourselves in the shoes of the customers throughout the process of designing & navigating the website, we want them to feel as if they’ve just walked into the store to select the timepiece(s) that they desire.