To allow users being able to shop online and find out more of the products information

What We Did

We took the concerns into considerations and designed it in a way that for each products have a description so that their customers knows the benefits of the products. A testimonial section is added so that customers would be able to read the review and be more confident in purchasing the products

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sanomin 5page web design

Mobile Friendly

Having a Mobile-Friendly website layout will allow a smartphone user who visits SANOMIN INTERNATIONAL website, be able to view a miniaturized version of the desktop website with a smooth user-experience. Having good user-experience also means to have easy to read text that has proper text-formatting & readable fonts, so that the user can search for information that they want efficiently.

sanomin laptop and mobile web design
sanomin mobile web design
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Tablet Friendly

Having a Tablet-Friendly website for SANOMIN INTERNATIONAL takes personal interaction a step further. To some users, it is more convenient to use a tablet rather than a laptop as it is much less bulky. A tablet-friendly website also has large touch targets that allow visitors to navigate with confidence.

sanomin tablet web design