To have a user-friendly website to showcase all the services Thow Kwang offers.

What We Did

Redesigned website according to client’s preference. Sort out the different categories for the workshop, and a mobile friendly website.

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thow kwang laptop web design


Thow Kwang have been actively promoting awareness & better understanding of pottery & the art of wood-firing since 2001.
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Mobile Friendly

Having a Mobile-Friendly website layout will allow a smartphone user who visits THOW KWANG website, be able to view a miniaturized version of the desktop website with a smooth user-experience. Having good user-experience also means to have easy to read text that has proper text-formatting & readable fonts, so that the user can search for information that they want efficiently.
thow kwang mobile web design
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Tablet Friendly

Having a Tablet-Friendly website for THOW KWANG takes personal interaction a step further. To some users, it is more convenient to use a tablet rather than a laptop as it is much less bulky. A tablet-friendly website also has large touch targets that allow visitors to navigate with confidence.
thow kwang mobile web design
Built in the 1940s, the Dragon Kiln at Thow Kwang is one of the oldest surviving brick-built kilns in Singapore for wood-firing. During the wood- firing process, the pots are engulfed in a river of fire and the ashes react with the glaze to produce unpredictable colours and textures, resulting in unique pieces that have a blush of flame not found in those fired by gas and electric kilns.
In the early years, the Dragon Kiln was used for the mass production of cups and functional wares to meet the demands of household and industrial use. Now, the Dragon Kiln provides a platform for artists and potters to pursue their artistic interests, fuelling an understanding and appreciation of the disappearing art of wood-firing. The Dragon Kiln also stands as a cultural icon to educate younger generations on the traditions and heritage of Chinese culture, particularly the Teochew dialect group.
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