What is included?

Adding, Changing or Removing:

What is NOT included?

  • Textual & Visual Content (Text, Images, Videos)

  • PDF & MS Word Documents

  • Blog Entries

  • Maintaining Social¬† Media Accounts (Twitter, Facebook, G+, etc.)

  • Adding & Removing Pages

  • SEO Maintenance

  • Product Updates

  • Webpage Design from scratch (i.e. Adding new pages with a design different from the one currently on-site.)

  • Massive Redesigns (i.e. redesigning more than half of the website)

  • Adding New Features

  • Larger Updates To The Navigation

  • Brand Revamping (or any other graphical revisions)

  • Frequent/Complicated Photo Manipulation

  • Media Updates (i.e. video and audio editing/compression)

“I’ve sought Pixel’s help on multiple projects and the creative input they bring, along with their build efficiency and ability to develop unique customer experiences within our budget has always surpassed my expectations.”

– Keith, Director | Chng Holdings

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