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Hello everyone! We meet again! This post is especially for the business owner with a website. Now question is, should you or should you not redesign your website?

Firstly let’s ask yourself these questions:

1. How old have your website be?

2. Does your target audience change?

3. Is your website mobile and user-friendly?

4. Does your website seem outdated?

If you ponder before answering these questions, then it is time to redesign.

Reasons because it is all about rebranding. New look. Website is the same as a human. They need to look fresh so that it is appealing. Let’s put it in a scenario where a website is an actual person going for a first date. What do you do on a first date? Dress up! Because the first impression counts. You would not want to disappoint your date right??

Same goes to your actual website. Your website needs to attract your customers first. It is the first point of contact besides than getting phone calls. As having a website could display and convey messages clearly, there is evidence present.

Back to the question – Should you redesign your website? Yes! We suggest you redesign your website on an average of every 3 years or better still every 1year. Or worst come to worst, redesign your website when it is very very badly done. Reason being to redesign on every 1 year, let us give you an example. If your business focuses on industry interior design. Interior designers have a lot of projects in one year, you would want to showcase your recent artwork to your audience so that they know on the ongoing projects you guys are working with.

We talk about a bad design website, how can you spot it and why? Easy.

  1. When your website is not found in the search engine.
    • The search engine optimization (SEO) does not capture the keyword that the audience is looking at. Your website can be well design but lacking focus keyword will definitely affect the SEO.
  2. When your website is unprofessionally done
    • This is what happens when you got no knowledge in web design, things can go the other way round. There will be pictures and a long paragraph of text everywhere on your website.
  3. When your website is not mobile friendly
    • We had talked about this in the previous blog post. It is all about the responsive website. We want users and/or audience of all devices to feel that they are welcome in your website. This is so they do not have any problems zooming in and out of your website while browsing.

Now that you know there are different kinds of reason to why a website is bad. And you would not want that to happen to your website. It is not always good to stick with the same kind of design, as years passed by, there are different kind of trends in designing how things should be.

Yes, of course there is no saying that you should or should not design in a specific way. We want you to be different from others.

If you are looking for a web designer to redesign your website, do consider us. Before doing so, you could take a look wt some of our works we did for our  past clients.