With the rise of eCommerce businesses and more online shops popping up, it is always best to check if that deal you spot is real or not.

Recently, there has been more scams from websites that cannot be trusted just because it was cheaper or the sale was too convincing.

There are plenty of dangers and unknowns when buying things online, you wouldn’t want your credit card number to be leaked in the internet for example.

There are plenty of things that can show you if a website is trustworthy and security is their number one priority.

Having a good website design helps gives you an impression if the website is safe or not. If the website looks iffy then its best to just avoid the website.

Another way how this can be shown is if the website has HTTPS on the browser address bar. For example, our website;

But first, what is HTTPS and what is HTTP?

HTTP: Hypertext Transfer Protocol

HTTP has been there from the beginning since the internet was developed. Every data that is sent and a whole other range of communications in between are sent via HTTP. It is the bread and butter of sending information over the internet.

HTTPS: Hypertext Transfer Protocol Secure

HTTPS is just HTTP with an SSL certificate.

What is SSL Certificate (Secure Sockets Layer)? (Yes, another confusing acronym but just bear with us)

An SSL Certificate is a set of data files that you can add to your server to achieve an encrypted connection between a browser and your server.

SSL certificate is a set of data files that you can add to your website servers and this will achieve an encrypted connection between browsers and the servers.

If and when you see a HTTPS in the address bar of your browser, it means that any and all communication with this website will be encrypted.

So why is that important?

Encryption of data is very important in our times, especially when almost everything is digitalized and even your credit card number isn’t completely safe. This is why when going to an online store to buy anything, always look out for the address bar and then check whether or not it has HTTPS.

Nowadays, plenty of online shopping sites as well as Businesses are using HTTPS to secure their websites and your information to build trust to their customers.

How does it benefit HTTPS websites?


HTTPS makes the website way more secure from hacking and other security breaches due to the fact that information transferred around will be encrypted.

Google Ranking:

Yes, believe it or not Google will rank your website lower if your website is not as secure as other websites out there.

Google does not care if its legitimately yours and they have stated openly that they favoured HTTPS websites.


Usually the green padlock that appears at the address bar gives off the trust and the confidence it gives off.

In conclusion

For people who online shops a lot more, its always best to double check the left of the address bar for that green padlock. This just shows that the website is secure and your information will not be leaked.

For people who thinks about buying or making a website, its best that your patrons trust you. So, having an SSL certificate for your website is the best way to go!