Five Signs of Good Website Design and Development Firm

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There is a tremendous amount of skill sets and expertise required for a good web design company. With such massive demands, there are also bound to be bad apples that are able to successfully hoodwink their clients with false exaggerated marketing claims. Here are some of the important parameters for recognizing reputed website design and development firms.


1. Portfolio

A legitimate firm has an adequate display of portfolio with utmost transparency. Such display is necessary as potential clients can gauge the skill set of the company. The less credible firms will shy away from displaying their actual portfolio. While there are some clients who sign an NDA agreement, most are willing to let the company display their work.




2. Cheap Quotes

If a company quotes extremely cheap prices, you ought to pay no heed to their sales representatives. Quality design and development require skills, expertise and energy which cannot be bought cheaply. If a company quotes anything under $1000, there is a high possibility that you are going to receive substandard work.

According to WebFX, reputed companies are likely to charge anywhere between $2000 – $60000 for website design and development.



3. Enquire About Their SEO Strategies

Website design and development today revolves around SEO. Hence, the design and development should complement the On page SEO factors. Always make sure that the company is able to clearly explain their SEO-centric strategies.




4. Google Reviews

Google has made it increasingly difficult to post fake or paid reviews, which helps to calibrate the genuine reviews left by consumers. A reputable company should have a significant amount of Google reviews.

While there are other avenues for checking reviews, especially on social media platforms, it is highly recommended to not trust the reviews blindly as reviews can be easily faked. Instead, check their level of engagement with their customers on social media sites, This would give you an insight on how they treat their potential clients.



5. Accurate Analysis for Current Degraded Performance of a Website

A reliable website design and development company will take an active interest in analyzing the problems in their client’s existing website. They are likely to decipher the things that are causing the website to run slowly by inspecting its’ performance.




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