Search Engine Optimization has become overly competitive in the last decade. In order to acquire more traffic, SEO companies have played down all sorts of tricks, which has forced Google and other search engines to refine their algorithm in order to serve the very relevant information to their searchers.

But when it comes to acquiring traffic from the SEO in both short and long term, four factors remain highly undervalued even in the year 2019. In this post, will cover them in brief. Stay tuned!

1. Website Design and Development

When it comes to achieving the rankings, the first and foremost thing to have is a standout website design and development. Google checks the exit rate (Bounce rate) of the visitors. The website design needs to be compelling that hooks the attention of the user.

2. Content

Content is truly making headways in today’s digital realm. The need of the hour is informative content rather than the promotional ones. If you are willing to research and provide high-quality information in an industry which demands it, you will get tons of traffic from Google.

It is also important to note that the more unique content is, the more authority your site will gain in the eyes of Google. Once you acquire such status in the eyes of Google, you can literally enjoy a monopoly in the organic traffic market of your industry.

3. No Follow Backlinks

No follow backlinks are a must. Too many Do-follow signals raise the eyebrow of Google and therefore a certain amount of no- follow backlinks helps to dilute any suspicious marketing tactics. However, it is important to note that spamming and no- follow backlinking are wide apart. You want to avoid the former at all costs and concentrate on the latter.

4. YouTube

As compared to Social media and content, YouTube is an unexplored avenue which can bring in tons of quality traffic. If you can create high-quality informative videos, you can divert a fair share of traffic onto your website.

One Common Criterion for Achieving Rankings

Google has time and again stated that it gives paramount experience to the user experience. In order to create engagement, there are tons of ways in the digital realm. Infographics, content, high-end website design and development are the prominent ways of course. However, the intent should always to provide relevant information.

Google has developed sophisticated ways to determine the relevancy of the content. With frequent refining and updates being implemented from behind the doors, it only makes sense that cutting corners will not work anymore in SEO.

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