In this world of technology that is developing at such drastic speed, web design trends are evolving very quickly with new technologies in applications, smart devices, and faster internet speeds. People do expect high demands for all the technologies out there for their website, be it design or development.

1. Louder and Bigger Typography

Oversized lettering, louder and bigger typography has been gaining more attention as website owners is looking for a more simplified web design as much as possible. A larger typography is useful to draw attention of users, to website contents owner wants and also to stand out beautifully. Users will usually be attracted to what are written in bigger fonts and more likely to come back to the platform.

2. AI for the website

Artificial Intelligence or AI is the recent hot topic in the world of technologies. The use of AI is very simple, it is use to automate task, it allows machines or software to perform human-like tasks.

AI can also enhance the user experience, example like AI chatbots in websites are capable of taking user enquiries and bringing user experience to a greater level. The presence of AI will personalise online store experiences for users.

3. User video as a background in websites

Humans are visual species where videos seem to be more engaging and memorable than image. Websites with video contents receive more qualified leads compared to those without. The power and ability of storytelling through video is a lot stronger than any other elements.

A video in the background showcasing the product of service of the nature of the business is always good to capture the attention of users and of course bringing your website to life and entice users to browse.

4. Vector image > Traditional image file format

Users are more visual; websites with visuals tend to be better in engaging and retaining their users. Using traditional file format like PNG, JPG, or even GIF will need more work when dealing with the responsive of the website when the image, is shrinking or enlarging. But using a vector image (SVG format) you can retain the image quality when you shrink or enlarge the image. SVG ensure the consistent quality of user experience for all users.

About Pixelmechanics

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