This might be sudden but we are 3 Republic Polytechnic interns from Diploma of Design for User Experience (DDUX) who have been behind the scenes, helping out at Pixel Mechanics for the past few months. While it might have been short and you probably didn’t even know that we’re interns or that we even existed, we’re here to say our goodbyes. As our internship draws near its end, we’re here to share a bit about ourselves and what we’ve experienced here. Let’s begin!

Heyo! I am Haily!

Being part of Pixel Mechanics has been a great journey. I definitely learn a lot and improve a lot in my design skills. I started with zero knowledge, but after 20 weeks of internship, I saw a big difference. I am thankful that Pixel Mechanics chose me to be one of their interns. I definitely enjoy my time being part of Pixel. Being an intern under the UX department is totally different from any other job. It requires more creativity, which I am not good at. But after these 20weeks, I am proud to say that my creativity has increase and it does not stop there.

I look forward to being part of Pixel again in the future, I feel like being a UX Designer is my forte and I love what I am doing. To the new upcoming staffs, I am sure you won’t regret your moment with Pixel.

Peace out,


Hi there! I’m Vivian but you can call me, Teddy.

Over the past 20 weeks, I’ve received so much from Pixel Mechanics be it in terms of experience, knowledge or anything. Being a physical track student from my course, I came here with almost zero knowledge about web designs. Yet as one project after another came in and with each came guidance from the ever so patient supervisors, I went from knowing nothing to be able to design a project almost entirely on my own. And with each project came difficulties which left me with new knowledge whenever the other interns lend a helping hand or when the supervisors show me how to solve the issues. And as I slowly struggled lesser, I gained more confidence in my work. It has been a great learning experience and an eye-opener for me.

That aside, I’ll like to take the chance to thank the company for giving me the opportunity to learn new things, to explore a new area, for giving me a chance. To extend my gratitude to my supervisors and staff that were patient and understanding, who taught and showed me the ways. And to say my thanks to my fellow interns for lending a helping hand when they can and keeping the tense feelings I had away.

And that’s all from me, hope the blogs I’ve written was helpful to someone out there. And hope my projects were completed not only up to expectations but also exceeding it. Have a nice day ahead and thank you for taking the time to read this.


Intern Vivian / Teddy

Yea it’s me, Joelle.

Over the past 20 weeks of internship, I grew a lot as a person thanks to Pixel Mechanics. Therefore, I would like to convey my deepest gratitude and appreciation to everyone in this Company for their generous support and guidance throughout my whole internship period. They have been very understanding and patient with helping me to learn the ropes and correcting my mistakes along the way in making sure that I understand what I have done wrongly and learned from it. Thank you once again for your great support in the successful completion of my short but enriching 20 weeks internship and this milestone in my life.

Time for the goodbyes

We’re all thankful for the hospitality that we have received, the opportunities given and the experiences gained. The company provided a friendly environment and the internship was a fruitful learning journey. And to the readers of our blogs out there, we hope our articles has been helpful.