gestalt in web design

What are Gestalt principles?

It is a theory of visual perception that is commonly seen in optical illusions.


Humans perceive a group of objects in its entirety before noticing them individually. We often see the whole, more than the sum of the different parts; even when the parts are separate entities.

The 6 Gestalt principles are:

  • Symmetry & Order
  • Proximity (Grouping)
  • Similarity
  • Figure/Ground
  • Continuation
  • Closure

Symmetry & Order

Having a view that is orderly and balanced allows the viewers to immediately figure out what they are looking for.

Symmetry&order in Gestalt principles in web design


Things that have a connection stay close together. If they are physically separated, it is natural to assume that they do not have any connection with one another.

proximity in web design

Examples of Proximity in web design

Web forms are good examples of proximity as the labels and fields are grouped together. This helps the user understand the form quickly and complete it correctly.

proximity example in web design


When grouping items together, we tend to put together things that are similar.