What’s PixelCommerce?

PixelCommerce is an e-store solution by Pixel Mechanics that enables enterprises to boost business presence, enhance customer experience, influence purchase decisions, ultimately increasing productivity and revenue.

Why PixelCommerce?

Firstly, PixelCommerce offers extensive later targeted marketing which allows enterprises to better facilitate and understand market trends via analytical features. Focused on user experience, PixelCommerce is a full-fledged solution that comes with easiness towards its’ usability for any enterprise who plans to step into the eCommerce world.

Secondly, infusing PixelCommerce’s unique integration capabilities allows enterprises to further enhance experiences through engagements between potential buyers and the brand. A proven strategy that has been implemented for hundreds of SMEs over the years.

Lastly, PixelCommerce partners Google to better facilitate enterprises’s specific marketing programs, improving targeted reaches amongst consumers.

Key Features

How are we different?

Other than the key features commonly offered, we offer 2 Artificial Intelligence (AI) plugins that enhances usage of website for both the clients and their customers:

Pixel AI Chatbot Engine

AI Chatbot benefited users on the eCommerce platform, in a way that it helped the users to get the information needed by simply communicating, matching keywords and databases to finally sending the closest results to users.

Pixel AI Recommendation Engine

AI Recommendation have benefited users as well, furthering impact on purchasing decisions by recommending related products to users. Enticing overall purchases amongst.

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