Hello All!

We are from Republic Polytechnic interns from Design for User Experience, also the last badge for AY2019 interns. We are the same badge of interns, from the previous blogs “Adios Intern”. We started our interns on September and ending off on January. As our internship draws near towards the end, we are also here to share about the experienced here!

Greetings! ‘Abid here.

Being a part of Pixel Mechanics for 20 weeks had been a great journey. I was interested in designing since primary school. Then, I took physical design in secondary school and learn digital design in polytechnic. Studying and doing projects in school is different as compared to working in a real-life company. All of the discussion, presentation and meeting with Pixel Mechanics cannot be obtained during the days of when I was in school.

As an intern of Pixel Mechanics, I really gained valuable work experience. I see myself improved on my creativity level, and I would like to continue exploring more of what User Experience is all about, both physical and digital design. This internship has not only made me learn new things, but also provide helpful information that can guide me deeper into my career.

Thank you once again, Pixel Mechanics! I wish Pixel Mechanics every success in the future! To the new upcoming staffs and intern, I am sure you won’t regret your moment with this team!

Hello everyone, Ying Shyuan here!

Be an intern here in Pixel Mechanics was great & memorable journey, I definitely learn a lot from everyone here in the company. I still remember vividly the first day of reporting to work, it was filled with excitement and many unknowns for me, to be honest before intern starts i could not imagine myself working in office having the 9-6 working hours but as reality kicks in and intern starting, I slowly adjust myself to the working life. As a physical track student, I came in with zero knowledge of digital requirements ans standard but I learn many things everyday and met issues that is difficult yet challenging but I managed to carry it away. It was definitely the best 20 weeks working in Pixel, working with the friendly team and making friends. I am grateful for the chance given from Pixel and for the future interns, remember to learn a lot and do your best! Woot

Sayounara, Pixel Mechanics!

Sayounara, also known as Goodbye in Japanese language.

We are thankful for the opportunities given and the experiences gained. The company provided a friendly environment such as having a team bonding, celebration and outing! This internship was a meaningful learning journey. And to the readers of our blogs out there, we hope our articles has been helpful.

20 weeks flies fast when we are busy with workload, having a day out and all of the other occassion that we had together. Also, we volunteer to continue working here until we graduate! There is always something new to learn here in Pixel and not to mention the strong bonding with the team.

Thank you again for all of your support, and for all the opportunities that you have given us. We would love to stay in touch again, Pixel Mechanics!

Best wishes, Republic Polytechnic interns (Semester AY2019)