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If you’re a business owner thinking you should have a website, obviously there’s only one answer. YES! We are living in the modern world where you could find information at the tip of your fingers. Do you remember back in the days where you have the Yellow pages book, a huge thick book that contains all information. To find the information, you have to flip one page at a time even though it is alphabetically ordered. And calling the company to inquire about their services, not knowing how are their ratings. How hassle could it be. That was all in past and you would not want history to repeat don’t you?

Having a website is important for business. Here’s one reason why.

  1. People are searching for you online – People use the web more and more every day. Even if you have a local small business or service, there are chances where people have used the search engines to look out for your website. And if you don’t have one… well, you get the picture.

Although there are many other reasons, this is one of the main reasons. You see, now we are living in the modern world where you can find anything and everything using only fingertips. This is the kind of technology that is taking us over. We want you to be on the same level with the rest.

Having a website is taking one step to create brand awareness. Especially if you are new in business, you want your target clients to recognize you. You want them to understand the kind of service you offer to them

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For starters, we will give you one tip to guide you when designing website.

Here’s what you need to know. When creating a website, you need to understand the content or the message you want to convey. You would not want to mislead the audience. You can learn more and understand the arrangement of content in our previous blog. There are some considerations you need to know when designing a website.

The main consideration is:

  1. Resolutions – Image resolution are the most important. Images are what draw attention to audiences. If the quality of the images are bad, people would pass through. Or worse, they could even judge your website.

Images play the most important role in your website.

  1. The obvious reason would be it gets more views.
  2. It brings your service to life – it acts as a storyteller where it conveys message better than in text-form.
  3. It helps to bring up your SEO (search engine optimization)

Yes of course there are more reasons on why images plays the important role.

Well, we have come to an end of our sharing for today. We hope you have benefited from our article about why you should consider having a website. If you are thinking you should have a website, have made up your mind and looking for web designer, we are more than welcome to work with you and provide our utmost best. We encourage you to take a look at our works we did for our clients.

We look forward to be working with you. Stay tune to our next article. Cheers!