Project Description


User’s accessibility, provide information on the company & promote the organisation

What We Did

Redesign the website for a better experience for their customers


Psalms Music aims to give the neighbourhood a music centre that will provide good quality music education and development for the children living in the area.

Mobile Friendly

Having a Mobile-Friendly website layout will allow a smartphone user who visits Psalms Music School website, be able to view a miniaturized version of the desktop website with a smooth user-experience. Having good user-experience also means to have easy to read text that has proper text-formatting & readable fonts, so that the user can search for information that they want efficiently.

Tablet Friendly

Having a Tablet-Friendly website for Psalms Music School takes personal interaction a step further. To some users, it is more convenient to use a tablet rather than a laptop as it is much less bulky. A tablet-friendly website also has large touch targets that allow visitors to navigate with confidence.
These music courses cater to students of all ages, regardless of the level of one’s musical abilities. Students who have minimal or no music background can enter the courses at the Beginner level. If you have played the musical instrument before, you can sign up for a trial lesson conducted by our teachers to help determine the appropriate level to begin the lessons at. On the other hand, if you are undecided on whether to take up this course, or wish to explore the possibility of learning the instrument, simply sign up for a free lesson.