Nowadays, it is no longer enough to have a simple design and development for your website. There is an increasing need to impart creativity as well as an analytical outlook to your website.

The trends in Web Design and Web Development have gone through massive transformations over the course of the years, especially in the last decade. In this post, we will take a look at some of the trending website developments that may become the norm in 2020.

1. Unconventional Scrolling & Navigation

Unconventional direction scrolling offers a unique and surreal experience. Established by Apple, it is projected to be heavily adopted in the upcoming years.

2. Gradient Design

Gradient design offers a minimalistic yet engaging look. It lures the site reader to explore the entire page. However, the main issue is to not overdo it and instead focus on a pleasant gradient.

3. Rotating Animations

If you haven’t seen the power of rotating animation, we recommend you to check out this website. It can be used for welcome animations, or in the place of enormous headlines.


4. Loading Animations

If you really want to leave a strong impression on the readers, it is advantageous for your website to have loading animations.

Loading animations helps to entertain your audiences when the website speed is slow. There are numerous popular loading animations which you can check out here. Contrary to popular belief, creating attractive loading animations does not take up too much time.

5. Chatbot

Chatbots are a great way of creating a humanized experience in the absence of a real human. They are also excellent for providing technical information related to the product/service when there is no real customer representative available.

Run by Artificial Intelligence (AI), with the precision of the conversation depending on the AI level; they are excellent at streamlining the interactions between the people and the services.



It is estimated that there are nearly 1.5 billion websites in the world, with the number increasing yearly at a very rapid rate. Adapting to the current trends in web design and development will help a business create strong engagements with their consumers.

About Pixel Mechanics

The market for eCommerce is far from over-saturation with a ton of eCommerce sites still emerging. In order to engage users and acquire more retailers, efficient web design and development plays a key role. At Pixel Mechanics, we are not like every other web development company in Singapore. We create strategies for web solutions that strictly adhere to simplicity and innovation that aims to value-add your business without adding unnecessary functionalities. We combine simple, elegant and trending layouts with user intent functionalities. This is where we excel.