BizLink Rent-A-Car

Drive and rent with confidence

BizLink Rent-A-Car Pte Ltd approached us to design and develop their custom website to enhance their online presence and provide a user-friendly platform for customers to book their rental cars.

They wanted a website that would showcase their services and provide a seamless booking experience for their customers.


Rental Inventory
Visual Design
SEO Friendly

Incorporating Complex Rental Functions

The client had an extensive list of rental scenes that needed to be properly displayed on the front-end of their website. This required us to carefully devise a system that could effectively showcase the various rental options and their corresponding pricing schemes.
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Digital Asset Alignment

Producing digital assets for a website typically requires a combination of proficient design skills and an in-depth knowledge on various software tools. To ensure the consistency and alignment of the digital assets with the client’s brand identity and to establish a clear vision on their new website, we collaborated closely with the clients. We also provided guidance based on our understanding of their industry, competitors and target audience and fine-tuned and edited the assets as needed.
BizLink Rent A Car service page
BizLink Rent A Car homepage

Incorporating Deposit / Prepayment Functions

Setting up the payment modes for this website was a tedious task as the clients required the inclusion of deposit and prepayment functions. These functions had to be tagged differently for all their car models, which meant that we had to manually match each model to the required function, adding to the complexity of the project. Only then can we ensure that customers would be able to pay for their car rental with ease and convenience without any confusion or delay caused by the payment process.
BizLink car description desktop view
BizLink car description page

Creating SEO-Focused Content

To boost the client’s online visibility and presence with effective content. We conducted a thorough research on their industry, target audience and competitors, identifying key messaging and value propositions and refining their existing content to ensure that it was optimized for the digital space. This includes incorporating relevant keywords, headlines and other on-page elements that would help improve their SEO rankings and drive more traffic to their site.
BizLink Rent-A-Car device interface design

Aligning Development Complexities with Expectations

While the front-end of the website may appear straightforward, back-end setups require careful planning and workarounds to ensure that everything functions smoothly. We had to streamline our approach and anticipate potential roadblocks to meet the client’s expectations, which resulted in an intense amount of development hours. Despite the challenges, we were committed to delivering a functional and reliable website.


For Bizlink Rent-a-Car, a high level of transparency and accuracy has been achieved through a clear display of their pricing schemes. To bolster the website’s visual appeal and search rankings, assets and content were also crafted following best practices.