Pixel Mechanics is an award-winning web agency in Singapore. Focused on user experience, we strive to create meaningful user connections through compelling digital space strategies and innovation. We are an eCommerce solution provider; we provide a place where the fusion of art and science brings intelligent products, engaging experiences, and outstanding results for amazing clients around the world.

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As an eCommerce developer in Singapore, we’re in the business of solving real-world problems with digital solutions, producing outstanding results for amazing clients around the world.

A small studio intentionally, we create engaging digital experiences that people love. We are judicious about the projects we undertake and fervently committed to excel in our output. We commit to delivering your budget’s best value.


We’ve done it for folks big and small — ranging from SMEs to MNCs, the technology-savvy to the modern media illiterate.

Every website we develop is unique and your website will be exactly like no one else’s.

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A website affects how the audience perceives your brand and business. There is no all-encompassing solution for businesses seeking to set up a digital presence.

With our extensive scope of eCommerce and web solutions, organizations we have worked with have established an effective online presence and stood out from the crowd.