Top-notch eCommerce web design for local SMEs

Our approach focuses on highlighting the unique features of your business and providing an effortless shopping experience for your customers.

Professional eCommerce website design layout example.

We specialize in creating high quality eCommerce websites for small and medium-sized enterprises in Singapore.

Our eShop administration is user-friendly and integrates essential eCommerce tools. The result is an eCommerce website that delivers a delightful experience for both customers and merchants.

Seamless Shopping Experience

A seamless eCommerce shopping experience is critical for success in the online marketplace. It streamlines the customer journey and provides a smooth, hassle-free experience, resulting in higher conversion rates and customer satisfaction. By prioritizing the customer experience, businesses build trust, establish loyalty and enhance their online reputation. A seamless shopping experience sets your business apart and shows a commitment to delivering exceptional service to your customers.

Fully Featured

A wide range of tools and functionalities, such as inventory management, secured payment processing and personalized recommendations. We focus on features that translate to improve customer experience, efficient operations, and business growth. Marketing tools, SEO optimization and automation of tasks, freeing up valuable time for businesses to focus on other aspects of their operations. A fully featured eCommerce platform is a valuable investment for businesses looking to grow and succeed in the digital economy.

eCommerce Strategy

Evidence based strategies centered around meeting the needs and expectations of your target audience. Collecting and analysing data on your customers’ behaviour, your unique selling point, pricing strategies and logistic preferences such as delivery. We also offer expert advice and guidance to help integrate your digital marketing strategies into your website effectively.

Easy eStore Management

Trends and consumers’ demand are dynamic. Having an eCommerce website that allows modifications to be made quickly would help you and your customers save valuable time. You can therefore focus your time on other important aspects of your business. Testing and implementing new features and strategies such as new payment options would also be made easier, allowing you to improve your website continuously as your business grows.

B2B / B2C eCommerce

B2B and B2C eCommerce website design differ extensively. Our expertise enables us to tailor your website’s functionalities according to your company’s target audience, priorities and more.


eCommerce websites tend to be a popular target for cyberattacks. However, our websites utilise SSL, cloud hosting and end point firewall to protect your business and customers against them.


A fast-loading website is achievable with the adoption of various speed optimisation practices like minification, image optimisation and Content Delivery Networks (CDNs) and our help.

Mobile Responsiveness

As mobile purchasing continues to rise, it becomes more important for your eCommerce website to carter to these mobile visitors to prevent the risk of losing your potential loyal customers.


Growth – a common goal of all businesses. Your company may achieve a massive surge in traffic sooner than you think. To anticipate this change, your hosting source must be easily scalable to include the new features deemed necessary.

SEO Friendly

A search engine optimized website that includes relevant keywords, user-friendly design and high-quality content is crucial for improving your online visibility and outranking competitors.

Visual Portfolio, Posts & Image Gallery for WordPress

One Stop Solution

Miscommunication occurs when you engage multiple agencies for the designing, marketing and maintaining of your website, leading to inconsistencies in the design, branding and messaging.


Our team has extensive eCommerce web design experience, with over 7 years of expertise. During this time, we have received numerous awards and recognition and served over 900 happy clients.

Strong Post-Deployment Support

Even the best-designed eCommerce websites can have bugs and glitches and require regular maintenance and updates. A strong support team would ensure optimal performance and a smooth UX.

Well-Versed and Passionate Team

We are proud to have a group of web designers and developers who constantly seeks for new ways to improve both their own skills and the quality of their work to deliver exceptional results to you.

Tailored Design

Your website serves as the first impression for customers. By effectively telling your unique story through the website, you can increase conversions and sales i.e. add-to-carts and checkouts.


To determine the right digital and content strategy for you, we need to first understand your brand, unique product offering, delivery preferences and customer behaviour.


We create sitemaps and design wireframes to build you a website user interface that is not only aesthetically pleasing but also serves an experience that appeals to your customers.


After deciding on the aesthetics, our team integrate functions like payment gateways, shipping providers and customer support systems necessary for the running of your eCommerce website.


Testing optimizes your website’s performance, security and functionality. Without this, your customers may become frustrated and leave your site, leading to lost sales and conversions.


Now that our web specialists have ironed out the technical functionalities of your website migration, it’s time for your customers to reap the benefits of your offerings.
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Before deciding on a company for e-commerce website development, it is important to consider your business needs first. What type of products you want to sell online? Products focused or service focused? Do you have B2B eCommerce requirements?

Next, you will need to decide on your budget. Remember the “Good Fast Cheap” principle. Even the best e-commerce website development company in Singapore will only be able to deliver on 2 of these aspects in one project, so decide on your priorities.

Driving revenue and accelerating growth are at the heart of eCommerce. Hence, conversion-driven website design should be key. Web design aesthetics may vary but the company’s ability to build websites that engage and convert visitors is a must.

Portfolio and reputation matters. Look at their previous works, testimonials, reviews, and accreditation. You want a reliable eCommerce web development company that not only have the skills to solve your business needs, but also provide valuable advice, throughout the project

Set up a meeting and get a vibe of their company culture and expertise, it should be in line with your working style. You are not buying a physical product; you are going into a web design and development project.

The top-ranked eCommerce CMS are WordPress/ Woocommerce, Magento, Shopify, and BigCommerce. Each of them having their own pros and cons, e.g. user friendly interface, easy payment gateway integration, easy publishing, customization flexibility, etc. The best choice for your business often depends on your business needs. A reliable e-Commerce website development agency usually recommends the platform most suited based on your requirements.
Building an e-Commerce website is an end-to-end project that certainly involves web design. A better user-experience (UX) translates to better conversions, and web design plays a big part in UX. However, there are cases where a web agency takes on a heavy development role such as ERP, and API integration only. Examples of metrics to measure ecommerce project success are website design, e-Commerce platform, functionality & user-friendliness, data use, digital marketing and SEO, 3rd party app integration, shipping, responsive design.
Conversion-driven design should be the main objective. Apart from that, you will need an optimized site, good product descriptions, shopping cart, responsive design, cybersecurity, payment gateway, ease of access, support & contact info & good search rank.
Search Engine Optimization (SEO) helps rank e-commerce websites higher in organic search results on specific keywords using multiple tactics like link building, high-authority content, optimized website performance, keyword research, SMO, etc. & it’s effective in driving site traffic. Higher search engine placement has several benefits for target audiences & clients. These are visibility, prominence, & faster ROI. More than 60% of online site traffic is from search engines.
eCommerce website development is more than a technical process, whereby timelines are dependant on business needs, resources, type, and more. A successful ecommerce website development project is the result of strong collaboration between the client and web agency. Based on our experience, a typical eCommerce website project can be ballparked at 1 week to 5 months depending on project complexity.

The PSG Grant is available for several businesses to launch their e-Commerce store and digitize their business in Singapore. Eligible Singapore companies gets substantial financial support up to 50% for pre-approved solutions. Pixel Mechanics is a pre-approved vendor of IMDA’s SME Go Digital programme. Get up to 80% grant to setup an eCommerce website for your business with us.