Rich & Good Cake Shop

Bringing home-baked goodness to everyone since 1997

Rich & Good Cake Shop is a renowned bakery in Singapore, offering delectable swiss rolls and cakes made with the freshest ingredients. A website revamp was required due to the limitations of their old website, which was not able to accommodate a significant number of orders. They also expressed the need for several delivery and checkout functions to enhance their operational efficiency.


User Journey Mapping
User Access Management
Responsive eStore
Product Management Module
Shipping / Fulfilment

Mobile and Speed-Optimized Design

To optimize the website’s performance on mobile devices, we took several measures such as disabling animations and implementing smaller image sizes. In addition, we utilized scalable vector graphics (SVGs) instead of traditional PNG images as they load more quickly and are more efficient. As mobile devices are the primary platform for customers to access the website, these optimizations were crucial to ensure a seamless user experience and prevent slow loading times or technical difficulties that could discourage them from abandoning their carts.
product png for Rich & Good Cake Shop

Incorporating Complex Delivery Requirements

The client’s delivery fees are determined by the customers’ postal code to avoid any complications when liaising with multiple delivery couriers. However, due to how the delivery fees are calculated, the client was also concerned about the possibilities of customers manipulating the system by providing a closer postal code to reduce fees. To address this, we prioritized the shipping address section on a new checkout page for a more transparent checkout process. This required additional development time as the default WooCommerce template had the billing address section first.
billing details page for Rich & Good Cake Shop

Before—Default checkout template

checkout page for Rich & Good Cake Shop

After—Customised checkout functions

Incorporating Complex Check-Out Requests

With an extensive list of products, the client required multiple ways of purchasing/ordering, such as “Get Quote” for specialized items like chiffon cakes and baby care packages, rather than the traditional “Add to Cart”. Displaying these functions accurately on the front-end would reduce confusion for users.
product menu page for Rich & Good Cake Shop
Orange chiffon cake page for Rich & Good Cake Shop
shopping cart page for Rich & Good Cake Shop
order details page for Rich & Good Cake Shop
Furthermore, to ensure that users are fully informed about delivery policies, we recognized the importance of clearly listing them on the check-out page, with emphasis on the most crucial details. Acknowledgment of these policies is required before successful cart checkout. A maximum cart out price was also implemented separately to prevent any issues with overloading or overcapacity during deliveries. This approach allowed users to make a more informed decision before purchasing and prevent any unnecessary delivery and administrative hiccups.

Flexible and Efficient Content Management

While it may appear straightforward to develop a delivery/pickup calendar from the front-end, enabling the client to edit it easily, regardless of their tech proficiency, requires tedious back-end development. This was essential as there are numerous variables such as public holidays, lead time and the number of available days of the products that needed to be factored in.
product order page for Rich & Good Cake Shop
delivery page for Rich & Good Cake Shop
This required careful implementation to ensure a seamless user experience for both the client and their customers. The client must also be able to quickly and efficiently update the delivery/pickup schedule for any changes made by the customer.
main page for Rich & Good Cake Shop
Wedding Packages page for Rich & Good Cake Shop

Ensuring Efficient Administration and Logistical Management

To reduce any risks of miscommunication amongst various parties involved in the operations regardless of their literacy, additional development time was invested in creating a customized invoice template. This was also designed to streamline the tax invoicing process and simplify administrative tasks for the client.

Additionally, we recognized the need to optimize the delivery information shown to the courier. We thus developed a system that only displays relevant information such as the customer’s name, shipping address, and any necessary additional information when the contents are exported.


In our pursuit of a mobile and speed-optimized design, efforts were invested into developing transparent and error-free delivery and checkout systems. Functionalities were also simplified for easier and more efficient administrative and logistical management.