Latest Facebook Trends for SMEs to Maximize Online Presence

Table of Contents

1. Introduction

Facebook for Businesses

SMEs in Singapore can effectively utilize the latest Facebook trends to maximize their online presence. With over 2.8 billion active monthly users, having a strong Facebook presence has became crucial for businesses of all sizes and industries. The platform’s user base is diverse with 62% of its users falling under the age of 18 and 34 years old. Yet, its older demographics groups are still their fastest-growing segment of users.

In fact, based on research done by Statista, as of January 2022, Facebook was the most used social media platform for marketing globally. Having a strong Facebook presence can help reach new customers, raise brand awareness, and drive sales.

However, due to the ever-changing landscape of digital marketing, SMEs need to stay ahead of the curve. For instance, the increase in the use of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and machine learning has made tracking market intelligence data for digital marketers easier. Consumer behavior can also be better predicted with AI predictive analytics. To remain competitive, SMEs should take full advantage of Facebook’s advertising opportunities.

In this article, we’ll delve into the latest Facebook trends for SMEs in Singapore to maximize online presence.


2. How to Maximize Your Facebook Presence

Possessing a strong Facebook presence is a valuable tool to increase your online visibility and engage with your target audience. However, simply having a Facebook page is not sufficient. To maximize your Facebook presence and reap the benefits, you should adopt some of Facebook’s latest features including shoppable posts, engaging content, video advertising, influencer marketing and Facebook marketplace. The following paragraphs would provide a deeper analysis of each of them.


2.1. Shoppable Posts

One of the latest Facebook trends for SMEs in Singapore used to maximize online presence - Shoppable posts on Facebook

This new Facebook feature allows businesses to showcase and sell their products directly on the platform. Thus, making it easier for customers to view, learn about, and purchase products without leaving the social network. For SMEs in Singapore, shoppable posts can be a valuable tool for boosting sales and attracting visitors to their website. This can be achieved because shoppable posts are avenues for businesses to gather more data.

For instance, businesses can evaluate the click-through rates of these shoppable posts and the specific products to see which products are more popular. Companies can also use this opportunity to test out which forms of narratives and images are the most effective at attracting and engaging their customers. Resultantly, allowing them to create better social media posts in general and enhancing their social media presence.

Shoppable posts ultimately reduce the number of steps needed for a conversion to happen by simplifying consumers’ purchasing process. Consumers would only have to click on the post or tag now instead of leaving the social media platform that they are on to search for that company or product. This creates a more efficient shopping process. Thus, this is one of the latest Facebook trends for SMEs in Singapore to adopt to maximize their online presence


2.2. Engaging Content

Facebook reactions

The use of interactive content is another latest Facebook trend that SMEs can adopt to maximize their online presence. This includes polls, surveys, quizzes and more. It is also an effective way to connect with your target audience. By incorporating interactive elements into your advertising, you can encourage users to interact with your brand. Viewers can also learn more about your offerings, and share your content with their friends. More importantly, having customized or personalized interactions with your customers creates a unique value for them. This sets your brand apart from other competitors and the plethora of social media content your users are exposed to daily.

For instance, polls allow consumers to answer with minimal effort, enhancing chances of engagement. Polls also help you to gather almost instant feedback from your target audience on a specific topic or product. This helps you better understand your customers and make informed decisions on what products or services to offer in the future. Conversely, quizzes and surveys can provide more in-depth information about your customers’ preferences, interests and much more. This information can then be used to create personalized marketing campaigns.


2.3. Video Advertising

One of the latest Facebook trends for SMEs in Singapore used to maximize online presence - Video advertisements and posts on Facebook

Video is the most captivating and shareable form of content on Facebook, and is quickly becoming the preferred format for advertisers. A Renderforest survey has found that advertising using videos help businesses increase their brand awareness by 70%, website traffic by 51% and sales by 34%. HubSpot also highlighted that more than 50% of viewers would prefer to view videos from brands in comparison to other types of content like emails, images or blog articles.

SMEs in Singapore can use video to tell their brand story in an entertaining and informative way, helping to reach their target audience more effectively. Facebook also provide a variety of video ads that businesses can choose from. This includes slideshow video ads, stories, carousel ads, collection ads, playable ads and instant experiences. Businesses can therefore choose the type of video ads that fits their narrations best.


2.4. Influencer Marketing

One of the latest Facebook trends for SMEs in Singapore used to maximize online presence - Influencer marketing

Influencer marketing is on the rise on Facebook, and can be a powerful tool for reaching new customers. By partnering with influencers who have a large and engaged following, SMEs in Singapore can tap into the credibility and reach of the influencer to promote their products or services.

These chosen influencers can leverage on other Facebook functions to market the business’s products and services. Some examples of organic posts that the influencers can adopt are Facebook Live and contests or competitions. These organic posts is a good gauge on how much clout the influencer has and the results they can achieve from engaging the audience. Organic posts are also more cost-effective for the partnering company.

However, it is highlighted that Facebook organic posts are only seen by 1-10% of the influencer’s audience. Companies with a higher budget can consider whitelisting the influencer for better ad results. That said, influencer marketing on Facebook is still a valuable way to avoid the crowds and get your marketing campaigns out to your customers.


2.5. Facebook Marketplace

One of the latest Facebook trends for SMEs in Singapore used to maximize online presence - Facebook marketplace

Facebook Marketplace is a rapidly expanding platform that allows businesses to reach new customers by listing their products or services for sale. This can be a valuable tool for SMEs in Singapore.

Some advantages would include:

  1. Increased Exposure: Facebook Marketplace provides the avenue for increased exposure. By listing the companies’ products or services on the platform, SMEs can reach a larger and more diverse audience, increasing their visibility.
  2. Direct Interaction with Customers: Facebook Marketplace provides businesses with a direct line of communication with potential customers. This could enhance customer relationships and build trust between both parties. Conversion rates would rise as a result.
  3. Cost-Effective marketing: It is free to list products or services on the platform. This makes Facebook Marketplace and attractive platform for businesses with a tighter budget for advertising.


3. Conclusion

In conclusion, we’ve discussed some of the latest Facebook Trends for SMEs in Singapore to help them maximize their online presence. Staying ahead of the curve in Facebook advertising is essential for SMEs in Singapore to reach and engage with their target audience. By taking advantage of shoppable posts, engaging content, video advertising, influencer marketing, and Facebook Marketplace, SMEs in Singapore can maximize their Facebook presence and drive relevant traffic to their website.