Selecting the Right Artificial Intelligence (AI) Tools for Your eCommerce Platform

Table of Contents

ai in web development

Artificial Intelligence (AI) has taken the digital world by storm. From the increasing number of self-service registers to advanced machine learning reports, AI is almost everywhere. With tons of options available, how can we effectively integrate artificial intelligence to further complement an existing eCommerce platform?


1. Upgrade Outdated Technologies

If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. Consider shedding old technologies and upgrading to advanced technological tools to create a more advanced user experience. This allows marketers to reduce both time and effort in generating leads.







2. Select The Right Tool

There are many readily available tools on WordPress and Shopify app stores. As such, selecting the right tool can be a hassle. Understanding the specific needs of an organization will allow users to choose the appropriate AI tool and enable them to sell a complete user experience.







3. Measure AI Investments

It is important to set a targeted ROI. Creating a clear benchmark is crucial as it indicates whether the investment is wise. For example; measuring “Capabilities vs Affordability” before purchasing the right tool will help the organisation to maximise its usability.







Examples of Artificial Intelligence (AI) Integration in eCommerce

1. AI-Infused Email Marketing

Machine-learning algorithms process large sets of data and patterns amongst customers. This tool helps improve marketing strategies for specific customer segments and enable organisations to personalise marketing messages.

2. Smart Product Recommendation

Recommendation engines have the tendency to focus on the latest or most popular products. AI-powered recommendation engines use individual customer data to tailor-make the advertisements shown to them.

3. AI Chatbot

Automation has elevated the quality of assistance provided to customers. An AI Chatbot helps retailers to provide a more personable service without needing human supervision.


There is a wide array of Artificial Intelligence tools offered. Integrating the right ones will improve the existing work processes within an existing eCommerce platform. Therefore, take your time to experiment and choose the tool that is the right fit for your company!