Five Proven Ways to Get More Customer Engagement

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When it comes to SEO rankings, engaging traffic on your website is critical. Some of the most popular forms of content that are able to engage with audiences are photos and videos, some of which are extremely time-consuming to produce. There are also other proven ways to keep your audience engaged.


1. Free eBooks, Offers & Discounts

People love freebies. Whether or not it is an item of significant value, giving away freebies is guaranteed to increase the engagement rate. According to Future of Online Customer Engagement, by offering something for free in the initial run, users generally tend to opt for monetized subscriptions and other services.




2. Live Chat

People have all sorts of doubts and questions, and they sometimes cannot find the answers they are looking for on your website. This is why having a live chat helps, specifically one powered by an employee behind the chatbot. Another study has shown that live chats greatly increases user engagement.

AI-based chat boxes are good but they are more apt for answering generic questions only. For a broad range of conversations which engages the consumer, it is much better to opt for a live chat.





3. Social Media Shares

Social media is an excellent way of sharing information. For example, a business can request their customers to like their Facebook page to be kept up to date on business updates. This helps increase the number of likes and improves brand recognition.

As humans are visual creatures, it is important to create attractive visuals. Visuals that are aesthetically pleasing and draw the audience’s attention helps to improve brand engagement.




4. Discussion Thread

People love to voice their opinion. Giving them a space that allows them to speak their minds on your website is ideal. If there is a need to reduce the bounce rate, a discussion thread can significantly help in that aspect.




5. Polls & Surveys

An extremely easy and cost-effective method, polls and surveys have the ability to stir exponential growth in terms of engagement rate. By knowing the likes and preferences of your traffic, you can gear your content marketing strategy into that particular direction to further the engagement.





The common theme amongst all the tactics is simple – To offer more value to your audience.

For e.g., These days, racing bar charts are getting millions of views on YouTube. Racing bar charts are excellent data visualizing tactic that provides data in an entertaining way. You can watch one such video of a racing bar chart here.


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