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Revolutionizing the way you think and learn.

Ted Concept is a creative agency that offers branding, design, and marketing solutions to businesses.


Business Cards
Ted Concept, a global platform for sharing ideas and knowledge, approached us to design and develop their logo, letterhead, and business cards. They needed a professional and unique brand identity that would represent their vision and values to their audience. Our task was to create a design that would reflect their innovative and inspiring approach while maintaining a consistent brand image across all their communication channels.
Ted Concept 1A
Ted Concept 1B
Ted Concept 2A
Ted Concept
Ted concepts design (Univers 75 Black)
Ted Logo Proposal B Concept 2
Ted Concept
Ted concepts design (Lato Semibold/ Lato Light)
Ted Logo Proposal A Concept 3
Ted Logo Proposal B Concept 3
Ted concepts design (Garamond Regular)
Ted concepts design (Dosis Medium)
Ted Logo Proposal D Concept 3
Ted concept design
Ted concepts design (Lato)