Why is User Experience Design Important?

Table of Contents


When it comes to user experience design, software-oriented design and how it affects websites and mobile applications comes to mind. As a matter of fact, almost every product is created with the intention of providing the best user experience.


1. User-Oriented

User Experience refers to the overall experience of a person using a product. It revolves around all aspects of a user’s interaction with the company, its services and the products.

Systems and products are useful when it provides a service that is of use to the user. Creating products that revolve around user experience helps to provide the best usability.


2. Creates Structure & Guidance

User Experience can give structure to a product. Creating a great user experience can help a business figure out the goals that they have for their product. Often, planning and feedback is required to figure out these goals. Different perspectives can help in the planning process. Site structure, content and audience will fall into place when the business goals are set.

Detailed planning and coordination will allow user experience designers to know where to place the site components. In the digital realm, websites as well as mobile applications have a higher value when the user experience is great. Great user experience can be determined when users are able to interact and understand the placement of site components without feeling lost.


3. Better Business

Great user experience can lead to better customer retention. Good web design focused on user experience would cause the user to stay on the website longer and explore the different site components.

The quality of the user experience design will contribute greatly to either the success or failure of any product/service. The creator of Kodak George Eastman – did not have any skill or knowledge about using a camera. However, he understood the power of user satisfaction and became one of the figures that lead to the evolution of photographic technology. To succinctly sum up the power of great user experience, and quoting one of Kodak’s most famous slogans – “You push the button; we do the rest”.