Five Indicators That You Need to Overhaul Your website

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It is only in the last decade that the Internet has really taken the world by storm. The advancement in bandwidth speeds and cheaper costs have led to the emergence of a digital realm- one that offers a ton of valuable information within seconds. While you may already have a website, there are plenty of reasons why it is underperforming. Here are five indicators that shows you need to transform your website:


1. Aesthetic Design & Appeal

If you had your website designed in the early 2000s, there is every reason to upgrade its design and interface. The CSS, HTML 5 today provides a modern aesthetic and design that can outclass the earlier designs by a mile.





2. Less Traffic

Trends in designs are always changing. And people do notice it. Websites with unique designs and templates will always have an edge. According to Colorcom, color has been found to increase brand recognition by up to 80%. If you are witnessing less traffic despite quality content, the design is likely to be the problem.




3. Not Mobile Optimized

Today, more people than ever are online and a significant amount of traffic is coming from mobile devices. Mobile optimization allows your brand to reach out to a larger group of audience. At Pixel Mechanics, our websites are always designed with mobile responsiveness.





4. Difficulty Updating Content

Good content is imperative in keeping user engagement high and to ultimately gain conversions. It can be extremely hard and time-consuming to update content on an outdated website. Newer platforms allow for quick and hassle-free adding of content along with various media like videos and the images.




5. Slow Site Speed

Nearly 47% of consumers are likely to abandon a website, if it doesn’t load within 2 seconds or less. A website redesign is a must if your website is suffering from slow speed due to factors like redirects, optimized images, improper CSS, too many plugins, disabled compression.




Bounce rate is the most important factor. 

For SEO, no matter what platform you opted for your website, the most important aspect is the low bounce rate. Google has time and again stated that relevance is the key factor for ranking. Therefore your site needs to display relevance through its images, design, development, videos, functionalities, and textual content.


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