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“Products are made in a factory but BRANDS are created in the mind.”

– Walter Landor

Branding requires a strategic alignment of your company’s signature style, brand identity, brand promises, and core capabilities at a professional level.

We work with you to develop an authentic and viable brand identity that connects on a personal level with your customers.



“Content may be king, but provocative content is the ACE.”

– Anonymous

Your website only has seconds to capture your audience’s interest. The initial exposure determines whether people want to spend more time reading, listening, or viewing.

Video / Animation


Cloud Hosting

We use technologies and services needed to bring your webpage live on the Internet.

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We provide quick professional maintenance for you to gain full benefits from your website.

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Our sites are never hacked, as we back up everything. It’s proof of our commitment to our work.

Website Design

Firstly, we provide services for website design. Above all  we uses the latest web technologies to design the websites making sure it has the best user experience on mobile devices. As mobile browsing has been increased by 53% compared to last year,  it is our responsibility to deliver a responsive web design even though this website package has the lowest price in Singapore. Therefore, our solutions are compatible with the existing platform and can be customized to adapt to the future platforms.


Also, we develop apps for iOS and android. Pixel Mechanics, being a leading mobile apps development company in Singapore, aims to fulfill the business needs of its customers and serves as enablers to make their IT operations more productive. Moreover, we look enterprise mobility as a centriole for efficiency and transform the way businesses engage with their customers. Therefore, our solutions, such as providing apps for iOS/android, are compatible with the existing platform and can be customized to adapt to the future platforms.


Furthermore, one of the solutions is SEO. SEO or Search Engine Optimization is the process of promoting and improving the visibility of your website/web pages on the Search Engines Results Page (SERPS) to increase the number of visitors. It is about structuring your website to make it search engine and user friendly to increase your ranking by improving the way search engine understands and reads your website. It is to tell the search engine that your site offers the most relevant content for a given search query.

In conclusion, SEO is probably one of the most efficient and affordable marketing strategy every business should consider, specially these days when there’s an increasing number of people using the internet to conduct research, read reviews, and purchase items in recent times.

Content Creation

In addition to that, we provide content creation such as – copywriting, photography and video/animation. Firstly, there are many definitions and specializations out there. However, all copywriting can be defined as a form of “salesmanship in print”. Imagine having an employee who; never complains; works round the clock; is extremely reliable;  and most importantly turns your leads into sales. Who wouldn’t hire this employee? If You’ve never heard of copywriting before, you probably need it the most. Second content creation is photography. Lastly, the content creation we have is video/animation.


We have 3 different types of support. First support is, cloud hosting. Second support is, maintenance. Last support is, security.

Digital Marketing

Moreover, we provide digital marketing services. Firstly, the digital marketing we provide is SEO or search engine optimization. Secondly, the digital marketing we provide is SEM or search engine marketing. Thirdly, the digital marketing we provide is social media. Lastly, the digital marketing we provide is email marketing.

Social Media Marketing

The new world of business exists on social media. Let us take you there. The new age of social media heralds a new business strategy – one that continuously keeps up with an ever-evolving market on the Internet. Reach out to your customers with scheduled regular updates, seasonal promotions and stay ahead of rising trends.

In addition, we craft content with precision for the different mediums and know just how to captivate your target audience.

Therefore, what better way to build a relationship with your customers than a direct and immediate reply to their queries? Get started on the greatest platforms of social media today!

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