Which Web Developement Platform is the Right One For Your Website’s Business?

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The digital realm offers a plethora of opportunities to acquire more leads and conversions. We are living in times where the Internet has become like oxygen to us, and this allows a galore of opportunities for the business to acquire their leads. But when it comes to web design, there are a lot of platforms available in the market. Almost all of them are open source and have their pros and cons.

Choosing the correct website development platform (for your business!) will not only help you to manage the website more effectively but can influence the cost that you will incur regularly with regards to development and maintenance. In this post, we will give ideas on how to choose the appropriate website development platform for your business. Stay tuned!


1. WordPress

WordPress is probably the best Content Management System (CMS). If you are in the blogging industry, then there is no other better alternative than WordPress. It allows for fast loading times and helps the data to be kept in a highly organized manner.

As far as its security is concerned, it does require a bit of tweaking from the developer side. So if you are someone who produces a ton of content regularly, we highly recommend you to opt for WordPress. On the plus side, WordPress development costs significantly less than the PHP, or angular JS website development.



2. CakePHP

When it comes to website security session and template handling, there is no other better alternative to CakePHP. It offers flexible catching which helps in faster retrieval of the data from the database.

With all such pros, there are few cons too. For the same given website, creating a website on CakePHP is more challenging and time-consuming than coding it on WordPress. The expertise of a CakePHP developer also comes at a higher cost. Updating the code and maintenance is time-consuming.




3. Joomla

This web development platform has unrivalled security in terms of 2 Factor Authentication and B-Crypt Algorithm. The B-Crypt Algorithm allows for hashing of all the passwords in the database which makes hacking a hell lot difficult. As far as SEO factors are concerned, a lot of functionalities are in-built into this platform, which allows the website owner to tweak his site for the SEO.




4. Magento

If you want to design a state-of-the-art E-commerce platform, Magento is your best bet. It offers excellent scalability which is the prime requirement of E-commerce business. The platform offers plenty of extension tools which makes it easier to manage the website.





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