6 Quality Web Hosting Providers in Singapore in 2022

Table of Contents

Part I : Introduction


If you want to get the best hosting experience, you have to choose from quality web hosting providers in Singapore. To deliver high-quality service to clients, your brand should have a reliable web host. Applications like systems, blogs, virtual marketplaces, and websites can all benefit from improved performance, speed, and higher security.

Your website needs a reliable hosting provider to maintain a reliable online presence in this competitive industry. Unaccounted downtime and limited availability are the major causes of losing customers. A reliable web hosting company serves your customers and prospects 24/7, speedily and securely, increasing their likelihood to invest in your brand. Here are 6 quality web hosting providers in available in Singapore in 2022.

Part II : Cloudways






Cloudways is one of the most qualified web hosting providers in Singapore. Interestingly, Cloudways has fixed all the issues it had regarding its data centers. They can now connect to over 60 data centers around the world. Cloudways gives you a free trial, meaning you don’t have to pay before using the platform. This is great for newcomers, but neither Google nor Amazon will have it on their servers.

But you can use Vultr, Linode, or Digital Ocean servers to test cloud servers. The price is the first thing that everyone looks at. Cloudways is a solution you pay for as you go, so there is nothing like long-term agreements.


  • Free SSL certificate
  • Allows multiple websites to be hosted on a single account
  • More than 60 data centers


  • Lacks file manager
  • You need to purchase a domain elsewhere

Part III : SiteGround






SiteGround is a large web-hosting firm with over 600 workers that serves over 2,800,000 domains globally. SiteGround provides superior hosting at a low cost. It is widely recognized for its innovative approach to hosting. They provide services that most hosting providers would never consider.

SiteGround’s in-house technologies safeguard you from hackers and can make your website run 100x quicker, emphasizing performance, protection, and unrivaled customer service. They provide a fast, experienced, and amiable support team available round the clock. You’ll like the fast speeds and added features like backups, CDN, free SSL and restore, automated software upgrades, built-in cache, staging tools, collaboration tools, GIT integration, and more.


  • 6 data centers
  • Money-back guarantee
  • Free SSL and spam protection


  • Slow TTFB
  • High renewal cost

Part IV : CLDY.com






A team of knowledgeable hosting experts at CLDY.com ensures efficiency and transparency for all clients while assisting entrepreneurs and companies worldwide in switching to the cloud.

Customers using CLDY’s web hosting and email hosting services can have websites up to 500% faster, more stable, and more secure thanks to the next-generation C.5 technology platform. The platform’s notable features include domain registration, VPS hosting, email hosting, cloud hosting, domain transfer, and web hosting.


  • Fast email and web hosting
  • Easy-to-navigate platform


  • No refund policy

Part V : WP Engine

WP Engine





WP Engine is another well-liked option for web hosting in Singapore. One of their services is the Smart Plugin Manager, which updates plugins and safeguards websites. WP Engine offers competitive services although it might not be among the top 5 world host providers.

However, it is more expensive than its rivals’ starting plans, which start at $30 monthly. WP Engine’s beginning pricing is on the higher end of the WP hosting price spectrum; it is not cost-effective.


  • Multi-factor authentication
  • 24/7 support system
  • Virus tracking feature
  • Free SSL and SSH


  • Limited resources
  • Expensive

Part VI : WPX






One of the top WordPress hosting services in the world, WPX, offers a free, lightning-fast Content Delivery Network (CDN). Additionally, it offers free 24-hour site migrations to WPX. Terry Kyle established the business in 2013, and it provides 30-second assistance response times.

Its main features include unlimited email boxes, advanced DDOS protection, SSD storage, multiple-user access, and a 1-click WordPress installation process. Furthermore, the free site speed optimization feature is another thing to look at, as the platform supports both PHP 7 and 8.0 versions.

The web hosting plans offered by WPX Hosting are astronomically expensive compared to industry benchmarks. They are still pricey even after considering the excellent storage capacity and multi-website hosting options.


  • Free email accounts and SSL certificates
  • Provides all-inclusive security features
  • Responsive customer support team


  • No free domain
  • Expensive

Part VII : Vodien






Our last  Singapore’s top web hosting company is Vodien. This site hosting company offers users the highest level of protection when managing WordPress. It is regarded as one of the top hostings in Singapore due to the extensive range of plans and services they provide. They meet business needs on both personal and corporate levels.

At times, the best way to appreciate a product is to use it. If you still have doubts, some features to enjoy when using Vodien include 1-click staging, unlimited bandwidth, DDoS protection, and backup. Furthermore, its shared plans come with a 30-day money-back guarantee.


  • Unlimited data transfer
  • Advanced monitoring and security features
  • Knowledgeable customer team


  • Offers only weekly backup
  • No SSL certificate

Part VIII : Conclusion

Many frustrations stemming from website issues can be prevented by selecting a reliable web hosting company for your company. Take your online presence to the next level by engaging one of these reliable hosting providers.