Why is HTTPS important?

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Cybersecurity as a Value Solution


With the rise of eCommerce businesses and online shopping, it is always best to examine if the cheap deal spotted online is authentic. Recently, there has been more scams from bogus websites operating with cheaper and more convincing sales. There are plenty of dangers and unknowns when buying things online. Nobody would want their credit card number to be leaked on the internet.

There are a few things that can show if a website is trustworthy and whether the privacy of their consumers is their number one priority. Having a good website design helps give off the impression that the website is safe. If a website looks iffy, it is best to just avoid it. Another way to check the authenticity of a website is to ensure that it has ‘HTTPS’ on the browser address bar. For example, https://pixelmechanics.com.sg/


What is HTTPS and what is HTTP?

HTTP: Hypertext Transfer Protocol

The fundamental protocol used by the World Wide Web, it has been present since the beginning when the internet was developed. It defines how data are formatted and transmitted, giving users a way to interact with Web resources.

HTTPS: Hypertext Transfer Protocol Secure

HTTPS is HTTP with an SSL certificate.

SSL Certificate (Secure Sockets Layer)

(Yes, another confusing acronym but just bear with us!)

An SSL Certificate is a set of data files that you can add to your server to achieve an encrypted connection between a browser and your server. Having an HTTPS in the address bar of your browser means that all communication with this website will be encrypted.


So Why Is That Important?

Data encryption is very important in modern times when almost everything is digitalized. Even a credit card number is not completely safe. Therefore, always look out for the address bar and check for HTTPS when you are on an eCommerce site.

Nowadays, more and more online businesses are using HTTPS to secure their websites and protect their consumer’s information to build trust.


How does it benefit HTTPS websites?


HTTPS makes a website more secure from hacking and other security breaches as the information transferred are encrypted.

Google Ranking:

Google’s search engines will rank your website lower if your website is not secured and have openly encouraged website owners to migrate to HTTPS.


In conclusion,

For eCommerce and online shop owners, building trust with customers will foster better business relationships. Hence, having an SSL certificate for your website is the best way to go!


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